Interesting Facts about Bayanihan Culture

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Bayanihan is an age-old custom of the native Filipino people which is mainly derived from the Filipino word ‘Bayan’ that implies community, town or nation. This culture usually highlights the spirit of cooperation, work, and communal unity to achieve any specific goal. The origin of this culture can be traced back to the ancient era of the Philippines which is still prevalent among the rural population of this country. This culture has been able to draw the attention of the people because of various reasons. These are:

  • This culture primarily focuses on helping families who want to settle in a new location. This relocation not only involves transferring the personal belongings of a family but also includes the transfer of the entire house, which is made of materials like anahaw/nipa leaves and bamboo, with the active support of the volunteers comprising of strong men. These volunteers usually use bamboo poles to carry such house safely in the new destination
  • Once the house is installed in the new location, the family offers food to the volunteers as a mark of gratitude. During the time of relocation, the volunteers always move in unison to easily share the burden among each other during the journey. To know more about this culture young historians can get in touch with professionals. It is important to contact professionals whether it is a chiropractor service or any other field. If you’ve been on the look out for a good chiropractor in Michiana then you can get in touch with the professionals at
  • This culture involves helping people during the time of urgency without any expectation of return or favor. It is because this culture is strongly rooted in the concept of helping the fellow countrymen or ‘kababayans’ in every possible manner.
  • This cultural practice also involves other group activities like harvesting and planting of rice and helping victims during the time typhoon, flood, and earthquakes.
  • This traditional Filipino culture also comes with hosts of superstitious beliefs which people find it very hard to avoid.

However, this Bayanihan culture has also started to decline as the practice is only limited to the rural parts of the Philippines only. The changing attitude of the people with the emergence of the modern lifestyle has completely reduced the ambit of group service without any sort of expectation. People are not exhibiting the similar level of eagerness to help their fellow countrymen which were once the major attraction of the traditional Bayanihan culture of Philippines. But as this spirit is still alive among the rural people of Philippines, tourists from different corners of the world come to this small Asian country to experience the vibe and thrill of this traditional culture.