Modern day Bayanihan culture and its mixed spirit

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Bayanihan literally means “staying in Bayan”. It is actually a custom that had been derived from the Filipino word “Bayan”. It has been practiced in the city of Manila and surrounding islands since thousands of years. This culture focuses on promoting peace, unity and communal harmony. Filipino region has continuously suffered many natural calamities, most of them being typhoons and floods. People in that region have always helped each other during these circumstances and stood united during any tragedy. Though the country has moved on and there are many modern day developments taking place in Manila but the locals have not forgotten their roots of Bayanihan culture.

People from different parts of the world visit Manila and like to experience their traditions. In the rural areas of Filipino islands, one can see each and every house practicing this culture. Generally, people move from one place to a new place along with their house. The locals in that area help the person by lending their hand. They live in a movable house that can be carried from one place to another. Traditional houses in this region are made of nipa leaves and bamboo sticks. In order to move the house, the family needs the help of at least 15 to 20 people from the village. The volunteers help out each other in moving their belongings in a completely new place.

Among all the cities in this region, Manila is a city that has developed well. People can expect to see growth in the IT sector in this city. People who are fans of new cars can click here and see the accessories used in different cars. The practice of helping each other has always been in there in this region. Even in today’s modern day civilization, traditional practices like Bayanihan helps in keeping people attached to their roots.