Interesting Superstitions and Beliefs Followed in Bayanihan Culture


Despite the fact that superstitious beliefs don’t have a rational basis hasn’t prevented them from making inroads into almost every community existing in the world. In this respect, many Filipinos are superstitious and believe that many superstitions have the power to influence future events and occasions. Superstitions have played a key role in Filipino culture and they continue to have a significant impact on major episodes in life including birth, death, marriage, health, fortune and romance.

Most of the superstitions associated with the Filipino culture have been handed down from generation to generation like heirlooms and bequests. Majority of the superstitions that are deeply ingrained in the Filipino culture are utterly outlandish to say the least and thoroughly impractical but following these fallacies don’t cause any harm. Abiding by these superstitions will not come in the way of leading an active daily life.

Now, following or not following the superstitions is a matter of personal choice. Some of the ageless and most popular superstitions have been listed below:-

  1. Twin babies will be born to a pregnant woman if she consumes two bananas joined at the stalk or in between.
  2. If utensils slip from hands or are dropped by mistake, it signals the visit of guests. The slipping of spoons mean the guest will be female and incase of a fork, it’ll be a man.
  3. Sweeping the broom at nighttime implies brushing away the fortune.
  4. As with other cultures, the number 13 is regarded as unlucky in Filipino culture too and therefore you’ll not come across any house or apartment floor bearing this number.
  5. Dogs wailing or hollering at night, a black cat crossing a path or a road, and a photo hung on the wall coming unstuck and falling are considered omens.
  6. Getting choked while eating signifies that somebody is taking your name and remembering you.




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